Benchmark Dental Manufacturing Company


​Technician finishes a set of Benchmark Dentures at the Benchmark Dental MFG Co. laboratory.
The Benchmark Denture is available in six sizes to accommodate a wide variety of dental arches. Our dentures are processed in a dental laboratory with the the teeth being chemically bonded to the acrylic base, making Benchmark Dentures extremely strong and durable. We utilize zero degree (mono-plane) teeth on our dentures to facilitate balanced occlusion. Available in tooth shades A-3 and A-O.  Benchmark Dentures are manufactured in the United States with FDA approved materials. All materials used are indicated for the fabrication of complete dentures. Please feel free to call or email us for information. 

Available ​Benchmark Denture Sizes A - F

Dr. Scott Miller and a happy Benchmark patient.

       ​The Immediate Denture By Benchmark

Teeth being selected for the production of Benchmark Dentures.