​​​The Benchmark Denture has several Indications:

1 - Immediate Denture

2 - Interim Denture

3 - Implant Supported Interim Prosthesis

4 - Overdenture (with mini-implants or conventional locators)

5 - Conventional Denture

"But the reason every dental office should have a Benchmark Rescue Denture Kit, is for it's ability to be a Rescue Denture.  Have you ever had a situation when a denture patient needs a denture today? "

                  • “The dog chewed up the one I had”

                  • “I have a wedding tomorrow”

                  • “I lost my denture”

                  • “Can you fix this one?”------------

Thursday afternoon Rescues can result in a

growing referral base. When you can give

your patient a beautiful new denture in less

than an hour, the word will travel. Plus you

don’t want to remove this liner before lunch?.......................Or do you?

The following case photographs were taken, and the Rescue Denture fabricated by Dr. Scott R. Miller, a Prosthodontist in Bristol , Virginia in his practice on a Friday afternoon!  (see extraoral photos above of the non-repairable denture as it presented to Dr. Millers office)

Before the Benchmark Rescue Denture

The Benchmark Rescue Denture will save the day for you and your patients, plus generate referrals for your practice.  Order your kit today!

 The Completed Benchmark Rescue Denture

​​​Rescue Denture

Benchmark Dental Manufacturing Company

The Benchmark Denture Starter Kit is conveniently priced at $1872 plus shipping.  It includes: 

Six(6) sets of the Benchmark Denture, sizes A-F 
1 hot pot
​1 occlusal plane plate
 laminated clinical and lab reline instructions
1 instructional DVD 
1 package each of hard and soft reline material

   All denture reorders are $150/arch or $300/set