The technique is relatively easy to learn as even a long standing periodontist and dental students with minimal prosthodontic experience can get it down. This year our team delivered 43 complete units and would have done more if we had more templates. I can give my unquestionable support to the Benchmark Denture system. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Benchmark for many years to come.

Francis G. Serio, DMD, MS, MBA Director, Dominican Dental Mission Project 2015 recipient of the ADA Humanitarian Award 

We have 11 residents, all new dentists, and several faculty members who use the Benchmark product. We have experience with some 300+ Benchmark dentures over about 3 years. Initially, I was concerned about the longevity of the dentures, and things such as staining and tooth loss or breakage. None of this has been a problem. They have worked well for patients, and patients are happy with them. I made one patient a Benchmark denture as a temporary, and later my very best 5-step custom denture (I am a Prosthodontist). He likes the Benchmark better. It is sometimes quite humbling. I encourage you to give them a try.

Michael McCracken, DDS, PhD Executive Director The Foundry Dental Center