Benchmark Dental Manufacturing Company


‚Äč     Introducing the Benchmark Denture, a single visit alternative denture that is designed to offer practitioners and patients another option for treatment.  The benchmark is not the first of its kind but has evolved out of years of research and clinical experience to become an easy to use system that will give patients lasting service.  The Benchmark Denture is constructed of a thermoplastic  acrylic denture base and strong two layer denture teeth.  It's thermoplastic properties make the denture customizable to a model of the patient's arch or arches. The denture becomes a record base and the teeth are the wax rim.  A functional reline is executed chairside to obtain a custom fit.  Pressure spots and occlusal adjustments are performed with pressure indicating paste and articulating paper and the denture is finished and polished in the traditional fashion.  Benchmark Dentures are ideal as immediate dentures with hard or soft reline material.  They are indicated for use as definitive dentures and implant supported dentures over locator abutments or mini dental implants.  Feel free to contact us and view our Facebook page to learn more about Benchmark Dentures.

A single visit alternative denture built on classic principles

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